About us


antitermite was founded with the mission that this company will set the standard for the pest control industry in cambodia.

our aim is to provide customers with the option of a company that will not compromise quality under any circumstances; where service is polite and personal; where the latest technology and research are applied.

antitermite is committed to meeting the needs of those who depend on having the higest standard; whose hallmark is excellence.

Mission Statement
mrs.sopheap ma

general manager
antitermite co., ltd.

mrs.sopheap ma
ltc (ret) chan chik weng
ltc (ret) chan chik weng

antitermite co., ltd.

from pestbusters cambodia to antitermite, the business and legal entity spanned 22 years. antitermite have come of age! this longevity shows the resilience and commitment!

the 22 years history of the company is not without its challenges in the initial years. however, with the kingdom of cambodia’s improving political stability and accompanying economic success, antitermite grew from a tiny pest control outfit to be one of the best in the region and today’s best choice in cambodia. the change in name to antitermite does not affect or change anything as the company is still led by mr. bora moeu, who headed it since 2001 and with the same key team. this team of professionals will continue serve you well.

the demand for pests and environmental control are set to increase with urbanisation, improving standard of living and the fast expansion of the economy. global warming, affecting pest control, is also a serious challenge. antitermite is rising to the challenge to provide consistent modern and quality pest control methods adapted from the 1st world countries. the management and service teams have honed their knowledge and skills all these years to deal with every and any threat posed by pests infestation. continuing upgrading and training in modern and eco-friendly pest control enable antitermite to offer un-parallel quality of service in cambodia.

action speaks louder than words. when you have any pest issue, please let antitermite show you what we can do.

mr. bora moeu

we have been around since 1995 and is now your today’s best choice for services at affordable prices.

mr. bora moeu

managing director
antitermite co., ltd.

greetings from antitermite co., ltd (antitermite)! we are now no longer a licensee of pestbusters! what
i would like to assure you is nothing has change with the business or with the company. i am still in charge with the same team serving your pests and environmental control needs. i joined the company since 1999. i learned professional integrated pest management knowledge and skills, something new and lacking in cambodia in those early days. having learned the trade after several stints of intensive training in singapore and hands-on operation and business development work in cambodia, i took over the management in 2001 when the singaporean manager was posted home. the owners of the company then trusted and guided me as they wanted to nationalize the management of the company. i saw the business of the company grew from a few men to a staff strength of about 65 today, with two satellite offices at phnom penh and siem reap (angkor wat). with good political stability and improving economy in cambodia, and the need for better environment and hygiene protection, i have full confidence that antitermite will grow even further to serve better.
known as pestbusters for more than two decades in the past, antitermite are an integrated eco-friendly pest management company and your “TODAY’S BEST CHOICE!”. we have been a full-fledge pest management and environment services company with good management, good staff and good systems offering quality services and products at reasonable prices. we have also adopted more eco-friendly products and practices to protect the general environment. our corporate motto is still “service with pride and distinction”.
in the words of our chairman, who formerly managed a top pest management company in singapore and now a regional consultant
with a MNC, antitermite’s quality standard compares very well to some of the best pest

management practitioners in south east asia.
we keep looking out for modern
ways to carry out pest control
and new technologies to enhance
our performance. that is our hallmark, showing antitermite is committed to stay in the market for long term to serve satisfied clienteles that include both international and local corporations, missions, individuals and various communities.
we are no longer just looking at increasing our staffs numbers.
we have incorporated IT systems
and advanced equipment systems used successfully in the west
and in singapore to improve our work schedule and flow to maximize quality and productivity. our
staff members are well-trained,
many trained in singapore and also by very experienced trainers
sent from singapore. their training
is intensive and thorough, with
re-training and upgrading along way as well as constantly being kept abreast of latest practices, products and technologies relevant to the
field. through such upgrading
and advance training, antitermite
staff can develop long-term career
in the company. we value the services of these loyal staff members and
their contributions to the company to help improve the environment. their moral is high and this enables antitermite to deliver the exacting level of quality services demanded.
antitermite will always endeavour
to do our best and keep ahead of the industry! please stay tuned as more new products and services are being rolled out ahead.